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  • All the goodness of your land

    We have collected the milk of our members since 1883, helping them with their production methods to obtain a raw material of excellent quality...

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Anniversario Latteria Soligo

  • Milk and well-being

    Milk is a precious source of vitamin A, C, D and B group, is rich in minerals (calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium) and its protein i.e. its caseins and whey protein contain all the amino acids essential to the body. 

  • Milk and allergies

    In the Soligo Alta Digeribilità (High Digestibility) milk, lactose is split into the two simple sugars: glucose and galactose: it is therefore suitable to people with allergies or to those who feel a certain heaviness after drinking milk.  

  • Milk and energy

    Milk is a complete and balanced food that helps in making up the daily requirements of protein, sugar, fat, oligoelements and vitamins of every single person of any age.

1883-2013: 130 anni

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Bigoi trevisani with radicchio tardivo and Soligo

Two elements of the Treviso tradition are highlighted by the rich but understated taste of Soligo Oro cheese. The velvety cream that binds this dish gives it a soft but substantial character, with the final touch of some slivers of Soligo Oro as a contrast to the red radicchio.

The secrets of Marco Buosi, Hotel Terme Restaurant – Vittorio Veneto


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Lea Casatella Trevigiana PDO au gratin

A simple cheese of our tradition enriches another great classic such as polenta and mushrooms, melting in a mix of flavours that reminds you of the semplicity of home cooking and the warmth of evenings with the family. Recovering our grandfathers’ customs still warms our tables, offering a simple and wholesome but at the same time tasty dish.

The secrets of chef Marco Toffolin, Locanda da Lino Restaurant – Pieve di Soligo


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A solid Italian reality ready for new goals

Since 1883, we have been collecting milk from our partners, helping them to breed cows and run farms in order to maintain high quality standards. Latteria di Soligo is an Agricultural Cooperative with about 200 member producers in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, organized as a Producer Organization....


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