The headquarters of Latteria di Soligo are located in one of the most enchanting areas of the Prosecco Superiore region, at the foot of the Farra di Soligo hills, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

In the centre of a wide amphitheatre of hills, announcing the Alps, starting in Vicenza and arriving as far as Friuli, landscapes covered in vineyards, large meadows and woods. A natural environment that the history of agriculture of this land has managed to safeguard and set out and that today is handed over to the young generations in all its beauty.

The land is much more than landscape: it is the whole of the cultural and environmental factors that represent it. Stories of innovation and research mingling with traditions and old knowledge, looking at the future without abandoning what has generated wellbeing till now.

Latteria di Soligo fully represents this land since it is an archetype of mutual assistance, social relations, cooperation and entrepreneurship. It’s search for customer satisfaction trying to keep up with change, actually quite often causing it, as it happened when it was founded and some producers, joining for the first time, revolutionized a world where work was separated from capital. To do this they gave themselves some simple and clear rules, adopting the cultural teachings of Prof. Giuseppe Toniolo:

  • Collecting milk from producers

  • Transforming it into perfect products

  • Marketing them on a large scale

  • Helping breeders in constantly improving the livestock and breeding techniques

  • Sharing the profits

They wrote them on the Memorandum of Association of their company, theorizing ideas that, 130 years later, are still extremely relevant. For sure they were innovators if not revolutionaries in comparison with the social, economic and cultural background of the time.