Perfect products since 1883

In 1883, the founders of the newly formed Latteria di Soligo, inspired and guided by Giuseppe Toniolo, wrote in the dairy’s statute that their mission was to “make perfect products”, indicating a value that exceeded any modern definition of marketing. Not content to define their products as “good”, “excellent” or “high quality”, they wrote “perfect”, demonstrating that their products must represent the highest level of cultural and scientific knowledge of their time, respecting the land, its history and traditions; being, in fact, “perfect”. This same commitment has been repeated by generations of managers, workers, breeders and many others who, cooperating with Latteria di Soligo, have made our brand renowned and loved by consumers, who can be assured of our total dedication. Milk, our raw material, has been transformed throughout our long-standing company history into many products, including innovative ones, which are always characterized by genuineness, taste and the protection of a strong and, in some cases, unique identity. Our special feature is that we are a Cooperative of milk producers and, following in the footsteps of our founding fathers, we con­tinue to believe that agriculture is a cultural and economic asset to be protected, since it can still provide wellbeing and help us to live better in an environment that is good to live in.

Lorenzo Brugnera

Chairman of the Board of Directors


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130 anni latteria soligo

We’ve been proud to be everybody’s company for 130 years


Extract from the 1883 Articles of Association:


“... to have incorporated in Soligo a Joint-Stock Cooperative under the name Latteria di Soligo. It will have a duration of thirty years from the date of incorporation. Its goal is to buy milk in order to make perfect products using all of them; to engage in its large-scale sale; to provide milk carriers with a secure income; encourage cattle farmers to strive for the progressive improvement of cattle breeds, increase the number of cows, and divide the profits of management among shareholders. ...”


Founded in 1883, among the first cooperatives in Italy, Latteria di Soligo is one of the symbols in the Veneto dairy sector. During the first years it developed around Soligo, opening more cheese factories in the area between Col San Martino and Refrontolo. The number of members increased year after year reaching, in 1943, sixty years after its establishment, 2300, confirming the strong tie with the land of the Cooperative. A story including important people such as Cav. Ezio Spina, whose name was associated with Latteria di Soligo for over fifty years, holding the position of Director and Chairman.


Among the first to adopt the Tetrapak packaging option to store long-life milk (in the Seventies) and introduce innovative products such as Formajo Imbriago di Monovitigno (in co-operation with the Scuola Enologica di Conegliano) and cubed mozzarella, in its long history Latteria di Soligo has shown creative and farsighted capabilities. To be remembered is the introduction of online traceability for some products (Casatella and Alta Qualità (High Quality) milk) in 2001, a first in the Italian dairy market.

An important part of its history are also the mergers, some minor but some extremely important: for instance the ones with Latteria di Vazzola (1953), Trevenlat (1989) and Latteria Cattolica di Breganze (2003). These mergers have allowed Latteria di Soligo to become a national reality. The latest important merger with Cooperativa del Vicentino, has opened the door of an important market such as the Asiago PDO.






The supply chain of Latteria di Soligo

Our supply chain concept is a fascinating yet tender story, where technologies are just as important as the “dairyman’s knowledge”, with a balance that guarantees consumers both traditional flavours and the appetizing delicacies of modern diets. Our supply chain guarantees that the milk is produced by cows that we breed, that the milk is processed by us, our products are made by us and distributed by us. 

  • The most important factor: cows

    Cows are bred by our members and live comfortably in our stables, with good air circulation and a number of mangers suitable to the number of animals. They are fed following a balanced diet according to their nutritional requirements. The feed is placed in the mangers in quantity and is always available. All this to replicate the animals' natural lifestyle and to get perfect milk.

  • Constant training of both breeders and collaborators

    People, their knowledge and skills are our real legacy; for this reason the co-operation with Universities and Research Centres to train the members of our team is constant and intense. It is important for all to share the value of tradition, taste and typicalities as well as innovation in research with regards to the wellbeing and improvement of the nutritional qualities of milk.


  • Continuous control of the whole supply chain

    Milking machines comply with international regulations to contribute to the animal’s wellbeing and not to alter the natural quality of the milk. The whole process, from the stable to the central dairy, is carefully controlled and verified.

  • Milk processing

    The care necessary to produce excellent milk must be the same for the whole of the production process. Starting from the specialization of whether a type of milk – according to its provenance and fat/protein content – is suitable to be bottled for daily consumption or to be used in cheese, mozzarella, butter, casatella and so on, in Latteria di Soligo each type of milk follows the best possible route.

    Environmental sustainability in breeding and production cycles with the use of renewable energy and totally recyclable packaging: all this is also our goodness. Quality is not a matter of chance but the fruit of planned and hard work.

  • Widespread distribution

    Every morning 80 refrigerated trucks take the road to supermarkets, corner shops, bars, restaurants, dairies, delicatessens and bakeries to distribute and spread all the freshness of our products. This commitment too aims at getting the goodness of our “perfect products” to the table as quickly as possible.

The social initiatives

  • Social economy is in the DNA of our business

    Being part of an area means to be able to walk with our people minding not only our own business but also what’s happening around us. Like any other “healthy” family we know how to answer internal requirements but, even if safeguarding the company’s balance sheet, we also contribute to the cultural and social activities of our people. In 130 years Latteria di Soligo has shown solidarity to and helped the weakest and neediest. In 2012 it created the Associazione Soligo Onlus with the only purpose of social solidarity for charity, cultural promotion, education and training.


Certain and reliable food safety

To guarantee food safety Latteria di Soligo has adopted the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) method that allows avoiding health problems in food production.

This method is based on a preventive, systematic and documented approach where the critical control points are identified (CCP) that will then be monitored using critical limits and safety levels fixed using suitable indicators. This procedure will then be followed by the preparation of a corrective plan.

The ISO quality certifications (9001:2008 and 22005:2008) of Latteria di Soligo have been issued by CSQA Certificazioni srl an Italian body specialized in issuing agricultural and food certifications and recognized by Sincert (Sistema Nazionale per l'Accreditamento degli Organismi di Certificazione = National System for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies). Another certificate is for Qualità Verificata (Verified Quality) for raw and drinking milk, DOP ( PDO - Protected Designation of Origin) for Asiago, Casatella Trevigiana and Montasio cheeses and STG (TSG - Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) for mozzarella.


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